Jan brings with him a wealth of experience in the cloud technology domain. He joins us from Aerospike, where he worked on building their premier high speed, scalable, and reliable database product used by many of our target market customers.

Prior to this, he was the main architect at Travelmob. Jan also worked at Yahoo! on their security initiatives.

Chief Architect

Jan Hecking

Ameet joins us after 14 years at NetApp where he was the Technical Director for multiple NetApp product lines. His key accomplishments include launching NetApp's storage-as-a-service line, similar to AWS/GCP/Azure. 

He spent the last few years focused on building the vision and expanding NetApp's storage offerings to include scalable data security products. Ameets holds 7 patents in this space as an inventor/co-inventor.

VP Engineering

Ameet Deulgaonkar

Ramya brings extensive industry experience in the Program & Product management space.

She spent 10+ years at Tata Consultancy Services and then at Credit Suisse leading several complex multi-disciplinary engineering projects through their entire lifecycle.

Ramya spent the last few years pursuing her entrepreneurial passion focusing on leveraging open source technologies to bring new products of her own design to market. 

Head of Customer Success

Ramya Hegde

Prithvi is a senior product leader and has delivered high impact engineering initiatives in pre/post IPO environments at Uber, Facebook, Yahoo! & CyberCash based in Silicon Valley and Asia.

In addition to the above, Prithvi was also the Global (ex-US) Head of Security at Yahoo!, Facebook and Uber, has first-hand experience building global security programs and secure infrastructure for all three companies.

Founder & CEO

Prithvi Rai

Dan is the Vice President and Head of Facebook APAC, Prior to Facebook, he was the Vice President of Market Development at Skype. Before Skype, Dan was the Vice President of Emerging Markets at eBay. Prior to eBay, Dan was the COO of Vendio backed by Sequoia Capital and eventually acquired by Alibaba. He is a Limited Partner with numerous Venture Capital funds.


Dan Neary

GNN is a computer scientist, software engineer, and author. He is FreeBSD Core Team member and president of the FreeBSD Foundation. He has worked on several crucial technologies in the operating systems, networking and security space used across most large scale computing platforms.

George has spent many years producing commercial software for companies such as Wind River Systems, who, along with NASA, put a bit of his code on Mars with the Pathfinder probe.


George Neil-Neville

Joe is an experienced Chief Security Officer and thought leader in the Security and Safety space. Joe is currently Cloudflare CSO, formerly CSO at Facebook for 6+ years and Uber for 2.5 years. Joe  was also part of the United States Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity.


Joe Sullivan